(Left to right) Danny Hutcheson holds a laptop in place while Erin Cole and Wendy Burton work on stories at the Oct. 21 Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame induction ceremony featuring Dr. Stephen Wiley. Cole, a freshman journalism major, covered the event for the Baconian Online. Burton, a senior elementary education major, shot photos for the Baconian Online and wrote a story for the Muskogee Phoenix as a correspondent. Hutcheson took photos for The Baconian and Baconian Online.  

Scholarship Opportunities

  Any Bacone College journalism major or even a non-major who commits to producing the school’s two student newspapers – The Baconian and Baconian Online – can qualify for a 35 percent tuition or tuition room and board scholarships.

  High school student newspaper advisers have the opportunity to nominate a student for this 35 percent scholarship.

  Prospective students should visit http://www.bacone.edu/general/admissions/prospective-students.html.

The Student Newspapers of Bacone College

  Journalism majors become part of the student newspaper – The Baconian – and the 2007 launched Baconian Online.

  Staff positions include writers, columnists, online writers, photographers, and page designers.

  Leadership assignments that include editor, sports editor, chief photographer, online editor, page design editor, and managing editor are also available.

  With The Baconian or Baconian Online, new staff members don’t have to take a backseat just because they are entering freshmen.

  In fact, it is not unusual for new students to fill leadership posts. During fall semester, for example, a brand new freshman journalism major covered the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony featuring Carrie Underwood.

State of the Art Technology

  When it comes to page design and layout, photos, and graphics, The Baconian is produced in a totally digital format on Macintosh eMacs (OS10) with Adobe InDesign, recognized by the industry as, “simply the best print design and layout package available.”

  Baconian photographers shoot with brand new digital cameras, including an EOS Rebel SLR, and professionally edit photos on Photoshop CS2.

  The Baconian newspaper is also available online in PDF (portable document format).

Journalistic Style & Excellence

  A member of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association, The Baconian and Baconian Online annually compete in state journalism contests, going against most 2 and 4-year collegiate newspapers throughout Oklahoma.

  Awards are presented for both individual and overall categories involved in journalistic style and excellence.

  The Bacone College Journalism Program is a part of the Arts & Sciences Division and well respected for producing talented graduates. Courses of study include Media Design and Layout, Media Writing, Basic Photography, Media Production Workshop, etc.

  What are you waiting for? Apply right now and begin your career in Journalism today.

  Visit with The Baconian, Baconian Online faculty advisor by calling 918.781.7332 or sending an e-mail to Ann Marie Shackelford, associate professor of journalism (shackelforda@bacone.edu).



Editorial Policy

   The Baconian Online is updated frequently by Bacone College Journalism Department students in the Baconian Newsroom, (Palmer Center, #205); 2299 Old Bacone Road, Muskogee, OK 74403.

   Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the student body, faculty, staff, or administration.

   The Baconian and its online paper are  both members of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association.

   Letters to the Editor are welcome.

   All must be signed, include the writer's e-mail address and phone number, or be dropped off in person for verification, and be no more than 200 words.

   The Baconian Online reserves the right to revise and edit letters for both grammar and space.

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