Father Murrow

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Joseph Murrow

By Russell Lawson

Joseph Samuel Murrow (1835-1929) was a founder, first trustee, and benefactor of Indian University, later Bacone College. Born in Georgia, Murrow was baptized and born again as a young man, which resulted in a deep commitment to follow the Great Commission, Christ’s commandment to spread the Gospel; Murrow journeyed west to proselytize to the American Indians and settlers in Indian Territory. He first ministered to the Creeks, then the Seminoles during the Civil War, when Murrow sided with the Confederacy; after the war he founded the town of Atoka in the Choctaw Nation; there he ministered to the Five Civilized Tribes, Western Plains Indians, and white settlers for sixty years. Continue reading Father Murrow

Charles Journeycake and Indian University

charles journeycakeBy Russell Lawson

Charles Journeycake, Chief of the Delawares, a founding Trustee of Indian University, was born in 1817. His mother, Sally Journeycake, converted Charles to Christianity; he was baptized in 1833.

Charles began preaching to the Delawares and other Indian tribes of Kansas in 1837. Journeycake became Chief of the Delawares in 1861, and after the Civil War, led his people from Kansas to Indian Territory. Ordained a Baptist minister in 1872, he became a leading intellectual and preacher among the Delawares and others of northern Oklahoma.

In 1886, Journeycake assessed the coming of the whites to America and their impact on his people. His statement is carved into the northwest corner of the Bacone College Chapel. Continue reading Charles Journeycake and Indian University

Students Shine At Talent Show

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Once again, Bacone students showcased their unique and entertaining skills.

The electrifying event was another installment of “Bacone’s Got Talent”, sponsored by Student Government Association.

“It’s great to see so many participate and encourage each other to express themselves through their talents,” said S.G.A. President Eric Strocen. Continue reading Students Shine At Talent Show

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