Alexander Posey and the Beginnings of Indian University Press

By Russell Lawson

One of the more illustrious of Bacone’s alumni was Alexander Posey, the Creek poet and humorist who lived from 1873 to 1908. Posey matriculated at Indian University (renamed Bacone College in 1910) as a high school student in 1889. He continued at Indian University until 1895, serving as librarian. He often contributed articles to a monthly newsletter, the Bacone Indian Instructor, published in the 1890s.

Alexander Posey, significantly, is reading a book in this photograph taken on the steps of Rockefeller Hall in 1891.

​Posey was a prolific freelance writer, writing pieces for a variety of journals and newspapers of his time. In 1894 he contributed a short essay to the Eufaula Indian Journal in which he daydreamed about spring on the Indian University campus. “Quotations from the poets on that delightful season” of spring “are beginning to appear on our black board,” he wrote. “Even the professors, one or two at least, have betrayed inclinations to write delicious rhymes in praise of her for the coming violets and redolent breath already. Do not be surprised if you should see a book issued by the B[acone] I[ndian] U[niversity] press ere long, entitled, ‘Spring and Other Poems’.” Continue reading Alexander Posey and the Beginnings of Indian University Press

Bacone College Launches Flag Football League

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Anticipations and pulses were high for the start of the new flag football league.

This marked the first installment of the games so many were in attendance to show support.

Every team must have a minimum of five players and no more than eight. Continue reading Bacone College Launches Flag Football League

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