Semester’s Bacone Hour Concludes With Epic Songsters

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Today’s hour of worship and fellowship was cascaded with vocal talent.

Various prominent singers from around the world always bless the stage with their passion.

Many special guests, vocalists, motivational speakers, students, and faculty members have contributed words of the gospel and inspiration to the chapel week after week, year after year.

Since its humble beginnings, Bacone Hour has always been a powerful outlet for followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“This is the vision that Almon C. Bacone had for this institution. To teach and encourage our community was vital to him. We continue to strive and make that vision a reality,” said Chaplain Leroy Thompson.

Each year, the services continue to flourish with great ideas, notable participation, and profound accomplishments.

All people who attend these gatherings leave with a sense of grace and gratitude.

As this semester nears its end, students and administration reflect on the great times shared on Tuesday mornings at 11.

Bacone College is blessed to have a vast support system and will carry on this honorable tradition.

The services will resume in the 2015 Spring Semester.

We hope to see your face in the place.


Students, Administration Lend A Helping Hand

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Tuesday’s Bacone Hour held much significance.

It began like many others with a prayer for fellowship and blessings the school has been given.

There was then a brief true history of the first Thanksgiving provided by Dr. Patti Jo King, Director of the Center for American Indians.

Miss Indian Bacone Jada Silverhorn, also expressed her feelings about the American Indian culture, its spirituality, and the selflessness that comes with it.

This day, however, represented what being thankful and giving is all about.

It marked the ninth consecutive year for the annual food and toy drive sponsored by the Center for Christian Ministry.

Many students, teams, organizations, faculty, and staff came together to help those less fortunate.

Representatives from both the Salvation Army and Gospel Rescue Mission were in attendance.

Lieutenant Jason Sebo of the Salvation Army declared his utmost appreciation for the school’s efforts to “give back without question”.

Jack Murr of the Gospel Rescue Mission also had some input saying that “there are always families in need of food. So, thanks and God bless.”

There were a complete total of 150 bags with 22 bags consisting of toys.

On the leader boards were: First Place – Women’s Soccer Team (who exceeded the base limit by 220%), Second Place – Track Team Overall (who also exceeded their original limit by 160%), Third Place – Women’s Softball (who exceeded by 140%).

People were constantly reminded by those who spoke that these holiday seasons are designed to help one another and not about materialistic objects.

Throughout it all and yet to come, it’s always better to give back.



Bacone College Breaks World Records

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Bacone College’s Criminal Justice Society hosted a multitude of students and community members Thursday to attempt to break the world record for the largest Native American round dance and the world record for breaking water balloons on a person’s body in one minute – and they succeeded at both. Continue reading

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