Bacone Student Government Association proposed Constitution open for public comment

Bacone College’s Student Government Association has opened its proposed Constitution for a public comment period of seven days. Students may read the proposed Constitution below and comment.

The Constitution of Bacone College

Student Government Association


We, the students of Bacone College, create and adopt this Constitution so as to provide our students with a forum to voice their concerns and as well as an opportunity for our students to participate in decision making in student government and campus activities.

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Bacone’s Memorial Chapel Filled With Hope And Praise

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With their colorful attire and vibrant personalities, the Imani Milele group set the standard for how worship is to be done at the Oct. 14 Bacone Hour.

Their sheer energy and excitement alone was enough to peel paint off the walls.

For what they expressed was not only a longing of equality, but a chance to live free without interference.

Words cannot emulate the impact of statements they conveyed, not only here, but on other forefronts as well.

Anyone in attendance for that special Bacone Hour was witness of the Lord’s work.

It made many empathize with their situations, but also gaze at the miraculous rebirth of such youthful individuals.

The elegance and pure devotion portrayed evidence of constant struggle and frequent misfortune.

If you were not there, you truly missed out on something special.




Bacone College To Welcome Ugandan Children’s Choir

Bacone College’s Center for Christian Ministry is proud to welcome back the Imani Children’s Choir for a second performance this year.

The choir was well received last semester and were pleased to be invited back.

They will be performing at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 14 at the Bacone College Memorial Chapel.

For more information, please contact  Rev. Dr. Stephen Wiley at (918) 633-1301.


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