MY OPINION: All should follow the same rules

photo.PNG  As college students, we are required to attend class every day. Sadly, we all know that one peer who wouldn’t attend class on the most unchallenging days.

But, there are more than a few of us who make great attempts to be in attendance daily, whether we are behind schedule or not.

If you pay attention to the back pages of any syllabus handed out by your instructors, there is a special section dedicated to the college’s attendance/absenteeism adopted in Fall 2008.

It states, “This policy is campus-wide and is not optional.” It goes on to explain the correlation between a tardy and missed class time (three tardies equals one unexcused absence). A tardy is counted if you arrive in the first 15 minutes of class. After 15 minutes, you are counted absent.

Which brings us to the interesting fact that more than a few instructors aren’t following this policy, replacing the college’s rules with rules of their own – which is okay to a certain extent, but not when the difference in policy between instructors is detrimental to students’ educational success.

A tardy is not an absence until it’s 15 minutes past the class start time, according to the handbook information I found. Locking the doors on students before that 15 minute window is up is not the correct thing to do.

So students, if you feel that your attendance percentage doesn’t match with your efforts or feel an instructor is misrepresenting the rules, speak with your instructor first, then your advisor if you must, or even ask the good people over at the Academic Support Services for advice.

Salute to those attending class on the regular. And to those struggling alike, keep your head up and finish this last month of school strong and on top.

Peace and Love.