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MY OPINION: You don’t need to stress

images_Sp2014advisor_jonesBy Jasmier Jones

It is two weeks after Spring Break and some of you may feel stressed from the deadlines of projects, family difficulties, or because finals are right around the corner.

We all go through rough patches where we feel alone and feel like no one is here to help or pick us up when we fall.

Stop what you’re doing, don’t panic, breath and most of all DON’T STRESS!

Whenever I find myself feeling stressed with my workload piled high, I take a break.

A change of scenery is so reenergizing. It helps more than you know. I usually change my surrounding by going out to eat at a local restaurant with friends or to a coffee shop to converse about the obstacles that may be holding me back, having me feel stressed and make incapable of completing my task or my day-to-day routine.

Talking to friends, getting help from tutors, or ultimately talking to God may get you through the day and the rest of the semester.

Remember, may your ultimate goal be to become a top investigator for the government, a computer technologist, or a general manager for a pro soccer team, we are all here for a reason.

So stay strong, seek help if needed, and stick it out. You are somebody and you can make it!